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Notice: foaling season doesn't really start until the beginning of the year (Jan.), so fewer foalcams will be on until then. Sign up for the Foalnet email list, and start receiving alerts when they come.
The way this site works is simple:
  • Sign up for the email list. Alerts on births, with the foalcam link, will be emailed to you. Alerts are submitted by other foal cam watchers, so it's a group effort.
  • Audio alert on your computer: Click the Foaling Alerts Monitor above to open the alert window. Leave it running. If someone sends an alert, it will show up in the alert window along with an audio alert. Make sure to turn your speakers up!
  • If you're the owner of a site, you can click the Register link under the FoalCam List and get a brief couple lines of HTML code that you can paste onto your site next to your foal cam. This puts an alert button right on your webpage, next to your webcam, that your viewers can use to send an alert if they see something happening. Make sure to get the code next to your site's listing, since the code is individual to your site (it lets the alert window know which site is having the foaling...pretty important...)

  • FoalCams

    Have you ever sat watching a webcam for hours on end and waiting for a mare to give birth? If you have, you know a secret that few people do: getting a mare to foal is actually remarkably easy. Simply stagger off to bed to snatch 15 minutes of sleep, and when you come back, it's almost guaranteed that there will be a new wobbly-legged bundle of joy.

    The first problem is that humans require sleep, and some horses refuse to accommodate that. The second problem is that you can't constantly watch your computer screen. There's dinner to cook, kids to take care of, and work to do. To handle these situations, Foalnet was created. It allows people to post an alert about an impending birth, which then gets transmitted by email to everyone on the email list, and via an audio alert to anyone who has the foal cam alert window open on their computer. For those who enjoy the mare stare, these features aren't for you. :-)

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    Half Ass Acres - Webcam Page
    Breed: Other
    We breed, raise, show and sell registered, tiny, miniature donkeys specializing in spotted donkeys but we have a variety of colors available. The miniature donkey is the most low maintenance and lovable pet on the planet! Here for your consideration
    Happe Performance Horses - Webcam Page
    Breed: Other
    Harpole Farms
    Amount Donated: $4.83
    Breed: Other
    Harpole Farms, located in Argyle, Texas, is home to several championship mares including Wait Up Sis. The site features photos, information, horses for sale, and a foal cam.
    Hawkwinds Farm
    Breed: Other
    Heartland Magic - Webcam Page
    Breed: Other
    If you see this mare in labor and there is no one in the stall with her, please call: 618-534-2908
    Hidden Acres Foxtrotters - Webcam Page
    Breed: Other
    Hidden Acres is a small operation, located on 10 acres in west-central Indiana. We feature a very nice stallion at stud, the occasional horse for sale & a couple horses available for half-lease. Our main endeavor is promotion of the foxtrotting breed.
    High Meadow Quarter Horses - Webcam Page
    Breed: Other
    Hole In The Wall-et - Webcam Page
    Breed: Other
    CE - Huybers Utopia Miniatures - Webcam Page
    Breed: Miniature horse
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